Fulton County Property Taxes

I’ve got good news and bad news.


If you bought a house in the last few years, your property value is likely up.  In some cases, its up bigly. But, if you own a home in Fulton County you are very likely facing a hefty increase on your property tax bill this year.

Assessments started to arrive in the past few weeks. There is a fair amount of outrage sticker shock out there right now because property value has significantly increased in the past three years while the county has failed  been slow to keep assessments current with the prevailing market.


Don’t lose hope quite yet. If you think the county has your Marvin Gardens house confused with the one on Park Place or Boardwalk…You can appeal the valuation here:  http://fultonassessor.org/property-appeals/

Now, for something you may not want to hear: The increased values are likely correct. Appreciation has been significant. Now, that’s great news if you are a homeowner looking to sell any time soon, but the tax man is going to demand his tribute for your appreciation.

It does not hurt to attempt an appeal. Call me and I can help you evaluate what case you may have to make to the assessor’s office.

I could go on for days about what I think the county should have done to smooth the ramp up of a significant expense for the majority of home owning households, but the can was kicked down the road for the past few years and it would appear that this is how Fulton County thought it best to manage the situation.

Its going to be interesting to watch how the county decides to spend the additional 28% (on the lower end by some estimates) in property tax revenue that they stand to collect this year.

Will the tax payers get a clear update on how the county is spending the windfall?

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